Carpet Cleaning Peoria

Advanced Carpet Care is Peoria’s finest carpet cleaning company. We strive to set ourselves apart from the other local cleaning companies. We offer unmatched service, and guarantee our work. We love what we do, to us this isn’t ‘just a job’. We are true cleaning professionals with training and experience.

Carpet Care Tips PeoriaWe believe that education is key in life. We have assembled a few tips on how to care for your carpet.

  • Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum
    Slow Down! The biggest mistake made vacuuming is going too fast. Up to 79% of the soils found in carpet are the dry gritty variety and can be effectively removed with thorough vacuuming. A regular maintenance schedule including vacuuming and periodic professional deep cleaning can not only extend the life of your carpet, but also keep it fresh and beautiful. Please thoroughly vacuum your carpet BOTH 24 hours BEFORE your scheduled cleaning and 24 hours AFTER.
  • Try to take care of the spots and spills as soon as possible
    Most spots and spills can be taken care of by yourself if you get to them right away. Try using water and a clean white towel and be sure to blot the spot, never rub it. Also, don’t panic! Most damage is done when someone is in a hurry and they go after the spot too aggressively. If you are unable to remove the spot yourself using water, please contact our office to schedule a cleaning appointment. We do not recommend using store bought spot removal products. What the spot is, determines how it should be removed. What works to remove one spot, my actually set another spot making it permanent.
  • Using door mats at all entrances can greatly reduce the amount of soil that gets tracked in on people’s shoes. Be sure to keep your door mats vacuumed, as well as professionally cleaned. Keeping them clean will ensure maximum efficiency at soil removal for people entering the building.
  • When rearranging furniture, lift and carry whenever possible. Sliding furniture across carpet can cause slight buckles in the carpet, especially in carpet not properly installed.

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