Upholstery Cleaning Peoria IL

Advanced Carpet Care offers upholstery cleaning services to the Peoria area. From synthetic fabrics to natural fibers, we are the cleaning company of choice for many homes and businesses in and around Peoria. Our professional cleaning technicians are trained and experienced at cleaning even the most delicate fabrics. You can relax knowing your furnishings are in the hands of an expert tradesman.

How often should I have my furniture cleaned?
The EPA currently has issued no guidelines on the recommended cleaning frequency for upholstery. Until such a guideline has been issued , Advanced Carpet Care recommends that you have your upholstery cleaned every other time your carpet is cleaned. Example: if your carpets get cleaned every six months, your upholstery should be cleaned once a year.

What cleaning method is best?
There are a wide variety of fibers used in the construction of upholstered furniture. Not all fibers require the same cleaning process. Advanced Carpet Care’s technician will perform a fiber analysis to determine what types of fibers your upholstery is made from. The type of fabric that your upholstery is constructed from will determine which cleaning method is right for your upholstery.

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