Water Damage Restoration Peoria IL

Advanced Carpet Care offers Water Damage Restoration services to the Peoria area. From pipe breaks to sewage backups, Advanced Carpet Care is Peoria’s flood experts. Our trained professionals will work fast and efficiently to restore you home or place of business to it’s pre-flood condition.

Water can be extremely destructive and do serious damage in very little time. Within minutes wood can begin to swell. Within hours wood can begin to warp. That is why it is important to act fast. The more time that water is allowed to remain in contact with your building and it’s contents, the more severe the damage will be.

What To Do In Case Of Flood

  • First – if it is possible to stop the source of the water without harm to yourself, then do so immediately.
  • Next – contact the flood experts at Advanced Carpet Care. We will guide you through the recommended course of action for your situation.

It only takes a few moments for water to begin doing serious damage to a building. The sooner you begin the proper clean up procedures the better chance you will have of minimizing damage to the affected area(s). That is why it is critical that you contact the experts at Advanced Carpet Care at the first sign of water intrusion in your home or business. We offer 24 hour emergency water extraction service. We will dispatch our expert flood team right away, so don’t wait CALL NOW.

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*Please Note: If you need emergency water extraction service, please call our office immediately!